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Our Process

Our application process is innovatively designed step by step making the process simpler and easy to follow. To obtain prolific results we follow the four-stage process as mentioned below –

  • Preliminary Evaluation (PE)
  • Indian Qualifications Assessment + IELTS
  • Expression of Interest (EOI) via Express Entry (EE)
  • PR Application visa upon receiving Invitation to apply (ITA)

We have further furnished our package service into four types of pricing plans which contains all the stage-wise processes, only difference being the type of payment

  • PRICING PLAN – 1 : – Single Lump Sum payment.

  • PRICING PLAN – 2 : – Two Instalments.

  • PRICING PLAN – 3 : – Four Instalments.

  • PRICING PLAN – 4 : – Twelve Instalments.

A private limited company which is barely 5-years old, we can proudly assert that we materialize at the lowest cost with almost 100% efficiency in our results. Our purpose is to upturn your chance of success, and we go an extra mile for your comfort and affordability. Till stage 1, that is, Preliminary evaluation, the charged fee is entirely refundable.

In our services, we also provide IELTS/PTE coaching to interested candidates at an affordable cost. We have classroom facilities for the same, and we absorb few students in a batch so that discrete attention can be provided for the best results.

We have also devised a different course plan according to the requirement of the individual that is differentiated on the cost basis. The three courses not only vary in costs, but also the training method, the syllabus concentration, training hours and curriculum. The pricing of the IELTS course is as follows –

  • Crash Course
  • Fast paced training
  • Full training

In this thriving digital era, we are on a staple diet of cashbacks and referral codes. And when it comes to competition and client consummation, we go a step further ahead. We believe in pleased and content clients, and for that we not only walk an extra mile in our services, but we also have an unusual offer known as a client referral program. The program is fashioned as a payback whenever a person referred by you signs up with us. The payback is termed as ‘Referral Commission’ which will be credited to your bank account within 3 working days. The program is effective in the following cases,

  • If your application is in process with us.
  • If you are a pleased ex-client.
  • For more information about the program, talk to us today at +(91)-9930911068/8850472790.

Client referral program is not a program to attract more clients but it is our mirror to realize the amount of trust and confidence our clients have in our services and experience. It is the feedback form of our services and a silent gratitude from our clients.

Once you sign up with us, either for immigration or for education, we take care all the formalities and procedures for the acceptance of your application. But in case, you want to go through the lengthy process of application filling yourself, and get our review once it is done, we are eager to help. Our dexterous team will analyse your application line by line and point to point, and review your eligibility and share their outlook and proposition to increase your chances of getting accepted.

Application is the first and the most important step here. Applications should be honest and accurate. A proper application will make a strong base for the impending processes. We are available at every step to assist you and find your way.

Our consultants go through your application and can predict accurately your chances of your application getting selected. Their understanding and skill is directed towards completion of your dreams.